Zaleski Candle Company

Owners(s): Susan Tripp

Where we call home: Near Lake Hope State Park at the intersection of Routes 278 and 677

Get to know us: : Zaleski Candle Works started in 2002 as Wicker Cabin Gifts. Hand made candles complimented the inventory of a quaint shop near Hocking Hills. Moving to Zaleski, Ohio in 2010, the name was changed and our story began. Zaleski Candle Works, nestled near Lake Hope State Park in Vinton County, Ohio, is housed in a historic barn that was once livery stable. The barn is part of the Vinton County Quilt Barn trail.

Our candles are all handmade in small batches to unsure the utmost quality. They are richly scented in a variety of scents ranging from bakery, floral, fresh, spa, masculine and novelty scents. Once you've tried our candles, you will want to try them all!

We also offer quality handmade candles and wax melts, custom labeling, wholesale and retail sales.

The door is open: You can contact us by phone, email, web or stop by for a visit.

740-596-7054 | | 107 Commercial Square Zaleski, OH 45698

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