Diabetic Shoes

Do you need help with a diabetic shoe fitting?

Not only does diabetes require patients to constantly monitor their blood glucose level, but patients must also examine their feet everyday in order to prevent infections that can lead to open wounds or even amputation. In the feet and lower legs, diabetes can cause poor circulation through the hardening of arteries as well as nerve problems that affect a patients’ ability to feel correctly. Without consistent observation, diabetic feet may not heal properly from minor injuries or constant rubbing from poorly fitting shoes. Other foot abnormalities such as hammertoe, athlete’s foot, or even ingrown toenails should be treated as serious issues.


  • Type I or Type II diabetic

  • Must also have a second condition: Corns/callus/poor circulation etc.

  • Must have the doctor who takes care of your diabetes sign the script


1. Medicare

  • 1pair of shoes and 3 pair of custom mold insoles
  • Medicare- 80-20% if they have no secondary insurance co-pay is around $78.00
  • Can get I pair of shoes and 3 pair of insoles once a calendar year

2. Some Medicare Advantage Plans

  • On a case to case basis

3. Molina / United Healthcare / Paramount

  • 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of custom insoles
  • Will pay 100%
  • Will pay for once every 365 days from the time they are billed


Once I have the prescription

  • Call Traci at (740) 452-3691 and set up appointment to be fitted
  • Measure feet and measure for pressure points for insoles
  • Choose shoe style
  • Place order
  • Schedule for second fitting to make sure they fit proper
  • Then bill for shoes