About Shrivers Pharmacy

In 1979, Jon (Randy) Shrivers opened our first pharmacy in McConnelsville, Ohio. Since, Shrivers Pharmacy has grown to multiple locations throughout Southeastern Ohio and West Virginia. Under the leadership of current owner, John Coler, Shrivers remains an independently owned and locally operated pharmacy dedicated to the communities we serve.

Our Team

We are unapologetically selective about whom we invite into the ranks. This sentiment applies from our highest executives to our part time employees. The Shrivers management team is comprised of knowledgeable men and women who are industry experts, bringing years of experience and great customer service to a growing company. They cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team grow and succeed. The company and our employees value a customer oriented approach and believe in the business concepts of people, product, and process.

Leadership Team

John Coler<br />President / Owner

John Coler
President / Owner

Greg Paisley<br />Chief Operating Officer / VP

Greg Paisley
Chief Operating Officer / VP

Sean Jones<br />Director of Retail Operations

Sean Jones
Director of Retail Operations


Eric Blake<br />Director of HME Operations

Eric Blake
Director of HME Operations


Joshua T. Stanton<br />Director of Pharmacy Operations

Joshua T. Stanton
Director of Pharmacy Operations


Brittanie Palmer<br />Controller

Brittanie Palmer


Tara Wilson<br />Director of Human Resources

Tara Wilson
Director of Human Resources


Andrea Kowalski, PharmD<br />Director of Clinical Services

Andrea Kowalski, PharmD
Director of Clinical Services


Kristi Embrey, PharmD<br />Compounding Pharmacy Specialist

Kristi Embrey, PharmD
Compounding Pharmacy Specialist


Victoria Chapman<br />Administrative Assistant

Victoria Chapman
Administrative Assistant

Sales Team

Jessica Sabine<br />Chief Marketing Officier

Jessica Sabine
Chief Marketing Officier

Shauna Kelley<br />Account Executive

Shauna Kelley
Account Executive