Dirty Girl Coffee

Owners(s): Jane Cavarozzi

Where we call home: Glouster Ohio

Get to know us: As a brand we want to pay homage to all women who perform every day.
Not for glory, not for praise or pats on the back, not for money or approval. For these women it's in their being, it's in their soul, it's who they are. They aren't afraid to get dirt under their nails, brush the dust off their jeans, rub sweat off their brow. They love who they are and what they do. The earth moves and rotates projecting them to their next glorious adventure. Their next day of getting dirty... their next day of becoming perfect. Quality is our passion, coffee is our medium. We utilize the finest Arabica beans to create exceptional coffees. It's how we get dirty.
How will you get dirty today?

The door is open: You can contact us by phone, email or web!

Phone: 614-357-0017



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