Close To Home

Shrivers Pharmacy is now making locally produced products available in their 6 retail locations through the launch of the Close to Home Marketplace.

Through their “Close To Home Marketplace” Shrivers Pharmacy is now offering many unique and specialized products that are sourced and produced locally. Through this initiative local products that you may find at a seasonal farmer’s market, arts and crafts shows, or festivals are now made available year around.

John Coler, President of Shrivers Pharmacy wants the community to know that, “The Close To Home Marketplace initiative was developed to provide local small businesses the opportunity to market and sell their products to local customers through a local and independent retail channel. For many of our vendors this is their first attempt at selling to a retailer. Shrivers Pharmacy is committed to working with these vendors to educate them about the retail sales process and to prepare them for future opportunities and growth.”

Shrivers Pharmacy has invested in the “Close To Home Marketplace” program as part of their “Because We Care” campaign. Jessica Sabine, CMO of Shrivers Pharmacy states, “We care about buying locally sourced products because it impacts our local economy by keeping money in our communities, creating local jobs, opportunities and outreach that positively impacts our neighbors, children, schools and businesses. Being best at being local is the forefront of our marketing strategy and our Community Giving Program and the Close to Home Marketplace helps us accomplish that goal.”

A strategic partner in the “Close To Home Marketplace” initiative is The Food Works Alliance. Food Works Alliance is Southeastern Ohio’s regional food hub and commercial kitchen incubator that’s linking local farmers and food entrepreneurs to Shrives Pharmacy. The Food Works Alliance supports local food entrepreneurs by offering a variety of services, including rental of their fully licensed kitchen. Jessica Sabine states, “This association provides local vendors the tools to sell to a company of our size. We know if a small business comes to us through Food Works Alliance they have more than just a delicious recipe, they are ready for retail. We want to encourage other small businesses with product ready for retail to contact us through our website, www.ShriversPharmacy.com to find out how they can participate in this program.” Vendors who are selected are required to conduct in-store demonstrations, donate free product for in-store taste testing or giveaways and more. This allows vendors a platform to show-off their work, gain new customers, and sell more product.

Huston Farms, a “Close To Home Marketplace” vendor, produces high quality vegetables from Bill and Kris Huston’s 200 acre farm in Dresden. “We are so thrilled that Shrivers has committed to providing locally grown and locally processed vegetables at their stores. By doing so, the public can now find locally grown food year round and are no longer limited to availability during the three month growing season. Food Works Alliance, is a licensed facility that enables us to wholesale these processed food items and has reduced waste” states Bill Huston.

Shrivers Pharmacy is committed to supporting our local community, small businesses, farmers and food entrepreneurs. Through this association Shrivers Pharmacy has become an Ohio Proud Affiliate Member bearing the Ohio Proud endorsement. This endorsement, from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, recognizes products which are grown in Ohio. Carol Humphreys, director of the Food Works Alliance, states “We are able to focus on economic development by supporting local farmers, food entrepreneurs and retailers as well as community development through education and community events. A retail partner has been a missing link for us. Shivers Pharmacy has stepped up in a big way and we appreciate that.”

Shrivers Pharmacy has locations throughout Southeastern Ohio in McConnelsville, Zanesville, New Lexington, Nelsonville, Crooksville, and McArthur where you can find and purchase the products in our “Close To Home Marketplace” program. Just look for our displays with the “Close To Home” logo!


Are you a local vendor looking to sell local products? If so, contact us today about adding your products to our retail pharmacy locations.