Free Vitamin Program

Shrivers Pharmacy to Give Free Vitamins to Children and Pregnant Women

Shrivers Pharmacy wants all children ages two and up in a four-county area to have access to a free supply of vitamins each month. “Children who live in the communities where our stores are located should have easy access to vitamins for their entire childhood,” said Jessica Sabine, Chief Marketing Officer for Shrivers Pharmacy. Shrivers Pharmacy is partnering with Muskingum Valley Health Centers to promote and expand this program.

Parents may stop every thirty days at any Shrivers Pharmacy to pick up a monthly supply of vitamins for each of their children. The free vitamins are available in the stores and coupons for the free vitamins are available at MVHC. By making the vitamins available at no charge, Shrivers offers parents the chance to save 7 to 8 dollars per child per month.

Studies have shown that children who take a daily vitamin will gain much needed nutrients that they might not get otherwise, given that many children do not eat as many servings of fruits and vegetables as they should each day. “Shrivers Pharmacy cares about children in our community and providing free vitamins is an investment were happy to make’, said Mrs. Sabine.

Parents sign up once for this no-strings-attached program. After that they simply stop in at a Shrivers Pharmacy and walk out with the vitamins. Shrivers Pharmacy has stores in Zanesville, Nelsonville, New Lexington, McConnellsville, McArthur, and Crooksville.

Mrs. Sabine added that expectant mothers may also receive free pre-natal vitamins from Shrivers by presenting a prescription from their doctor for the vitamins at any Shrivers Pharmacy location.

Muskingum Valley Health Centers is partnering with Shrivers Pharmacy to make this program available to their pediatric and women’s health patients. "MVHC is always looking for opportunities to work with community partners to enhance the services we can provide to our patients. This program is a perfect example of how collaborating with community partners can complement our ability to better meet the needs of our patients," said Jeanie Blake, Chief Quality Officer at MVHC. MVHC maintains offices in Zanesville, Malta, and Coshocton.

How the program works

Children's Vitamins

Shrivers Pharmacy now provides a FREE 30-day supply of Children's Vitamins every month! Any child from age 2-18 qualifies for this program. At $7 (average) per bottle gives you a value of $1344 over the course of their childhood. Stop by any of our store locations for more information on how to get signed up for this amazing investment in your child's health and well-being!

Pregnant Women

Expectant mothers may also receive a free 30-day supply of pre-natal vitamins from Shrivers by presenting a prescription from their doctor for the vitamins at any Shrivers Pharmacy location.