Frequently Asked Questions for COVID-19 Antigen Testing

Please do not call the pharmacy with any questions until you have read over our "frequently asked questions" page. If you have additional questions, the pharmacy will be happy to answer them.

This test cost $95. We do not bill insurance at this time.
We are using the BD rapid covid test.
You can pay for this test with credit card, cash or check.
You can schedule an appointment on the Shrivers website. There is a link on the homepage that will show you which locations are doing covid testing. Once you select the location you want to go to, you will fill out an online intake form, sign a consent sheet and then be directed to a calendar to select an open date and time slot. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU SCHEDULE A TIME AFTER FILLING OUT THE INTAKE FORM. Testing days and times can vary by location. Each appointment is 10 minutes long. Once you select a date and time, you will get an email verification of that appointment.
Please call the store for assistance. We can schedule you over the phone and be prepared to give you the intake form in person when you come in for your appointment.
This can vary by location. If the pharmacy has a drive through, you can drive up to the window and let them know you are here for your rapid covid test. If the store does not have a drive through, park in the designated spot in the parking lot and call the store to let them know you have arrived for your appointment. Please do not enter the store.
You will pay for your test once you arrive at the pharmacy, either at the drive through or the parking lot. If our calendar is full, we might also call you ahead of your appointment and take credit card information over the phone. This will vary by location.
This rapid test is a nasal swab that you will be performing while being supervised by trained pharmacy staff. You will be given instructions on how to self-administer the nasal swab and coached while you do it. If the patient is a minor, the accompanying guardian will be administering the test while being coached by trained pharmacy staff.
Every patient is scheduled for a 10 minute slot, but the nasal swab itself takes less than a minute. Submitting your forms online and paying over the phone will ensure that your appointment doesn’t go over that 10 minute block.
This test must be administered within the first 5 days of symptom onset or 5-7 days after exposure.
This test can deliver results within 15 minutes. You will receive your results over the phone within the hour from one of our trained pharmacists.
You will get a phone call from the pharmacist to inform you of your results. If you need a physical copy of your results, you may return to the pharmacy to pick them up if you test negative. If you test positive, the results can be mailed to you. If your employer requires the results, they can be faxed a copy if you have signed the release form they will provide you with.
It is really important to look at the patient as a whole. If you have symptoms with a negative test, a PCR test might be recommended as a backup test. PCR tests take longer to give results, but can be more accurate if your symptoms don’t match the rapid test result.
If you fill out an intake form online, you must complete the next step of scheduling your appointment in order to be tested")%>You must come in at your scheduled time. Each time slot is 10 minutes long and showing up at the wrong time or date will delay your test.